Resources & FAQ’s

24-Hour Crisis Line
(306) 693-6511
or if unable to call, text
(306) 631-0962

Exit Site

Moose Jaw & Area

(306) 691-4670     Moose Jaw RCMP
(306) 642-7110     Assiniboia RCMP
(306) 734-2666     Craik RCMP
(306) 694-7600     Moose Jaw City Police
(306) 694-7624     Victim's Services
(306) 694-3700     Legal Aid
(306) 693-6511     Survivors of Sexual Abuse Support Group Referral
(306) 691-6464     Mental Health
(306) 631-4306     Emergency Social Worker
(306) 693-6847     Transition House Outreach Worker
(306) 693-6848     Transition House Children's Counsellor

Help Lines

1-800-667-4442     Farm Stress Line
1-800-668-6868     Kids Help Phone (24 Hours)
(306) 352-0434      Regina Sexual Assault Line (24 Hours)

  • Who can stay at Transition House? +

    Women over the age of 16 and their children (males must be under 18)
  • Do I need a referral? +

    While women are referred to us by many different agencies such as police, hospitals, social services, churches, friends and family members you do not need an outside referral. Just call 693-6511 for more information.
  • What if I have no way to get there? +

    Emergency transportation is provided in Moose Jaw city limits and for out of town clients, help arranging transportation will be provided.
  • What if the shelter is full? +

    If you are in immediate need of shelter we will refer you to the closest shelter that has available space. Arrangements can also be made with Social Services to provide emergency short term accommodations.
  • How long can I stay? +

    Maximum length of stay is 4 weeks for women by themselves and 6 weeks for women with children.
  • Do I have to pay to stay? +

    Shelter, meals, emergency clothing and toiletries are provided at no cost to the client.
  • Will people know I am staying there? +

    No, all information about the women and children who stay here is confidential and will not be given out except with a signed release form.
  • What is it like? +

    Moose Jaw Transition House is located in a quiet residential area and looks very much like the other homes around it. It is a six bedroom house with a kitchen, dining room and family room much like a normal family home. There is an indoor playroom for the children and a play structure in the backyard. There are security features to ensure the safety of the families who stay here.
  • What's expected of me while I stay there? +

    All clients are responsible to keep their own rooms clean, clean up messes made by their family and participate in household chores. Women are expected to attend in-house programming and all clients will respect our abuse-free environment. While staying in the shelter, you are free to come and go as necessary, but for your safety, staff do need to be informed of your whereabouts.
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