• 24-Hour Crisis Line (306) 693-6511 or if unable to call, text (306) 631-0962

24-Hour Crisis Line
(306) 693-6511
or if unable to call, text
(306) 631-0962

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  • Shelter Support & Follow-Up Program

    mother-daughter-thumbShelter Support & Follow-Up Program

    The Shelter Support & Follow-Up Program provides ongoing contact with women both during and after their stay at the shelter. The program is intended to provide emotional support as women become independent and assist women on their journey to living without violence. Participation in the follow-up program is completely voluntary. Ways in which the program can help are:

    • in-house group sessions,
    • phone calls and/or texts to see how you are doing after leaving the shelter,
    • arranging for follow-up visits after you leave Transition House,
    • accompanying you to appointments,
    • providing support,
    • advocacy and/or referrals,
    • providing information about community services that may be of interest,
    • and providing access to and support from the Children Exposed to Violence Program and the Community Outreach Program.

    Call 306-693-6511 for more information!

  • Community Outreach Program

    communityCommunity Outreach Program

    The Community Outreach Program offers programming to males and females over the age of 13 who reside in the service area. Programming includes individual short term educational sessions and group work within the community, schools, and workplaces.

    Community groups currently offered include Anger Expression for Women; Simple Truth; and Informed Consent.

    Groups offered within the school setting are:

    • Conflict Resolution;
    • Anger Expression;
    • Dating Violence;
    • Healthy Relationships;
    • Respect of Self and groups which address the issue of violence within the community.

    Community awareness presentations are also offered and include:

    • Interpersonal Violence and the Workplace;
    • Harassment and the Workplace;
    • Community Awareness of Interpersonal Violence;
    • and Interpersonal Violence and Alcohol.

    Groups will be developed upon request for individual schools and organizations. All services are offered without a fee and are confidential. Individuals may refer themselves or may be agency referred.

    Call 306-693-6847 or email  michelle.w@mj-transitionhouse.com for more information!

  • Children's Program

    childChildren's Program

    The Children's Program offers services to children who have been exposed to violence. These services include individual crisis counselling, and support groups for children ages 5 to 12.  The program offer a safe place for children to discuss their experiences of violence. Groupwork focuses on teaching children:

    • they are not alone,
    • what abuse is,
    • that they are not responsible for the violence,
    • how to stay safe,
    • where to get help,
    • how to express their feelings,
    • problem-solving,
    • and self-esteem.

    The Children's Program also offers public education presentations for the general public and in-school settings.  School presentations are tailored to meet the needs identified by the school and may include:

    • Bullying and Safe Schools
    • What is Abuse?
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Feelings Expression
    • Self-Esteem
    • Respect
    • Healthy Communication

    Community Awareness presentations include:

    • Impact on Children Exposed to Violence
    • Child Abuse
    • Bullying
    • Services we provide


    Call 306-693-6848 or email joanna.w@mj-transitionhouse.com for more information!

  • Residential Services

    mother-daughterResidential Services

    Services for women and their dependent children include a safe and secure place to stay. Meals, linens, laundry facilities, emergency clothing and toiletries are provided. Staff can help by making referrals to government and community agencies; assisting in finding housing and furnishings and lending a caring ear. Residents are expected to attend in-house programming, participate in household chores and respect our no abuse policy while staying in the shelter.

    Call 306-693-6511 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information!

  • 24-Hour Crisis Line

    crisis24-Hour Crisis Line

    Staff are available at all times to respond to crisis situations. This may mean referring the caller to other resources such as the police, emergency social worker or mental health. This is the number to call if you are in an unsafe situation and need shelter immediately. Staff are also there to listen, to help reflect on the issues at hand and to encourage the caller to initiate their own solutions.

    Callers may remain anonymous.  All calls are confidential.  Collect crisis calls are accepted.

    Call 306-693-6511 or text  306-631-0962 for more information!